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Campaign Background

Engels pointed out that walk upright was the “the decisive step” of human from ape to man. The walk upright of fossil anthropoid led to the division of labor of the front and behind legs, and since then the front legs have been engaged in various activities. After long-term tempering and evolution and from occasional discovery and use of natural tools to frequent use of natural tools, they gradually learned to make and utilize simple tools. Under harsh survival environment, they must fight against both wild animals and nature. The division of labor between hand and foot, and walk upright make their vision broaden gradually; the information obtained from nature increases dramatically; the brain capacity improves gradually so as to promote brain development. We can say that human ancestors realize their survival and evolution from walking. However, the progress of civilization to some extent also serves to reduce the walking time of modern people. “Taking bus instead of walking” has become a living habit of many people. Consequently, rich man’s diseases and office “syndromes” including obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and cervical spondylosis has spread widely. Meanwhile, the related escalating environment crisis also has raised mounting concern.

To advocate a low-carbon lifestyle, promote the harmony between human and nature, and fulfill corporate social responsibility, Sun Life Everbright Life( SLEB) launched “Love Walking, Love Life-Walk Campaign” in July 2010.

Organizing Committee

  • Initiator: XIE Zhichun(Incumbent Executive Vice President of China Investment Corporation,
    Executive President of Central Huijin Investment),
    Executive Vice President of China Everbright Group,
    Board Chairman of Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Company
  • Host: Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Company
  • Media Partner: 21st Century Media Group
  • Organizer: 21st Century Business Herald、21 Club

Campaign logo: Love walking

In order to facilitate public participation and accurately express the cultural connotation, SLEB needs a symbolic logo, and takes this logo as a carrier to fully advocate this series of social activities. Therefore, the SLEB Walk Campaign ultimately conveys the activity spirit and connotation by the “Love” icon integrated with Love Walking. This logo symbol is simple and easy to be identified. SLEB also strives to promote the ideas of low-carbon, green and health through this “Love Walking” logo.


LOVE Walking, LOVE Life

低碳 环保 健康
  1. No driving if you can walk.
  2. Travel by public transportation instead of private cars.
  3. Drive 1 day less each week, walk 1 hour everyday.
  4. Walk to health, walk to beauty.

Campaign mascot——Walking Bear


Polar bear lives in the Arctic just as its name implies, and now there are only 20000 polar bears all over the world. With global warming, the Arctic iceberg melts gradually, and relevant experts predict that the number of polar bears will be reduced to one third of more than 20000 polar bears now by 2050.

The mascot of SLEB Walk Campaign is a polar bear with fit body, and it’s named as walking bear. The reason that the polar bear is selected as campaign mascot is to remind us: pay attention to environmental protection; earnestly practice what one advocates, and feel the benefits and funs of low-carbon, environmental protection and health by your feet.

Project Initiation

Initiation ceremony: In July 30, 2010, “SLEB Walk Campaign ” initiation ceremony was held grandly in Press Conference Hall of Training Command of General Administration of Sports of China, “SLEB Walk Club” was established formally, the official website www.luzou.cn was online on the same day.


Mr. Xie Zhichun—the former Board Chairman of Sun Life Everbright Life, presented flag for Zhang Xiangxiang—the champion of 2008 Olympic Games, SLEB Walk Campaign Image Ambassador, and SLEB Walk club honorary member.


Yan Shiduo--director general of training command of General Administration of Sports of China, Xie Chunzhi—the former Board Chairman of Sun Life Everbright Life, Zhang Xiangxiang—Walk Campaign Image Ambassador, Chen Dongyang—Chief Executive Officer of 21st Century News Group, Tian Nong--deputy general manager of Sun Life Everbright Life co-initiated the SLEB Walk project.

Company Profile

新起点 大未来
Mr. Tang Shuangning—Board Chairman of China Everbright Group, made inscription for the share reform of SLEB: New Beginning, Broader Future!

Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Company (SLEB) was founded in April 2002, with its headquarters in Tianjin. It is the first JV insurance company in the northern China which is founded by China Everbright Group and Sun Life Financial. In July 2010, in order to better position for SLEB for greater development, approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), SLEB conducted ownership restructuring. Its current shareholders include China Everbright Group (50%), Sun Life Financial (24.99%), China North Industries Group Corporation (12.505%) and Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation (12.505%). SLEB became the domestic insurance company holding by China Everbright Group which was converted from a JV.

Currently, SLEB’s capital strength ranks high among domestic insurance companies. Its network covers 20 provinces and municipalities in China. Through a variety of sales channels such as Individual Financial Services, Group Insurance, Tele-marketing, E-commerce,  the company provides its customers with insurance protection and financial services to meet their needs for retirement, accident protection, medical care, education, and asset management, we also have the license issued by CIRC to operate serious illness insurance to urban and rural residents. In February 2012, Sun Life Everbright Asset Management was approved for commencement, making it the first step for the company to develop into a comprehensive insurance group. In September 2012, SLEB achieved the highest AAA credit rating from external rating agency. In the future, the Company will fully leverage its shareholder resources, relying on the comprehensive financial platform of China Everbright Group, and keep growing vigorously to enhance its market presence.